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From the rooftops of Montreal to the undergrounds of Tehran. In a land where nothing is ever really what it seems, and where everything is steeped in history, Garnier de Rouen chases the demons of the present only to find them lead back to his past, to Nakissa, whom he knows better than she knows herself. What started off as a search for answers, turned into much more when the de Rouen’s witch, Aude Vanier, goes missing and the clues all lead to the Gargoyle who Garnier is already chasing: Ramtin.

Things for sixteen-year-old Nakissa didn't use to be so complicated. She lives in a good neighborhood in North Tehran, has a decent relationship with her mother and step-father, a perfect boyfriend, and a fun best friend. But after a series of earthquake shakes the entire planet, everything changes. First her mother gets injured, and then her best friend goes missing. And the stress must be making her crazy, because she's starting to get impossible memories. Memories that date all the way back to the 6th century during the Sassanid Empire.

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